With the usual & common dull opening, I would like to welcome you to abeesee.com.

To me, everything seem to be starting new for the year 2013. Therefore, I also have shut down my previous blog which inactive for many years. Don’t ask me about my old blog, nothing interesting over there and you don’t want to know, really.

So, what you will be expecting in abeesee.com? Generally, there are no fixed-scope or range for me to post up stuffs here. Therefore, do visit my blog regulary for write-ups that you may interested on. I think most of my postings are related to my daily activities, travels, foods, and photography.

Besides on the leisure section, you may also find some tabs in my blog, which will features my branded businesses. In there, you may find many updates and relevant information about the fields I am working on.

Feel free to drop in your comments, and interact with me. Nice meeting you.

Thank you.

I am Blogger. I am Photographer. I am Traveler. I am Diner.