FOOD: Coolest Mee Goreng in Town @ Baba Low 486, Bangsar

if you are happen to be in Bangsar or nearby, Baba Low’s Restaurant is the dining place that i will strongly highlight to you.

Bangsar is a place where people always tagged with high-class, high-traffic, high-price. but as for Baba Low’s Restaurant, it is a fair price dining place that situated at the border of Bangsar which the traffic is less congested.

Baba Low's 486 Bangsar

Baba Low’s Restaurant is a dining place that mainly serves with the authentic Nyonya dishes menu. It opens from 7:00am till 10:00pm daily. therefore you can enjoy any of your daily meal here. The place is so well kept and maintained, the overall cleanliness of the restaurant are tip-top.

quiet & relaxing ambience
quiet & relaxing ambience

I love to enjoy myself in the afternoon at Baba Low’s Restaurant for my late lunch, as I love the quiet and relaxing ambience. Although it is situated in Bangsar, but you will have the feeling that you are already out of busy town and back to the 80’s.

There are more than 10 choices of foods in the menu with different variance. And my all time favourite are the Nyonya Laksa Noodle, and Sambal Shrimps with steamed rice.

On my recent visit to Baba Low’s Restaurant, something has drawn to my attention. I have noticed there is a new menu written on the wall’s black board – Mee Goreng Sejuk (RM6.00).

Hey! I have tasted hot and spicy, sweet and sour, but this is hot and cold? you got to be kidding me. hmm… i called the waiter to my table and asked him about the specialty of the Mee Goreng Sejuk. I asked, “what is the Mee Goreng Sejuk? nice? how is it cook? is it cold? you all cook it and put it in the fridge for overnight?” and unexpectedly, this is how the waiter replied to me, “mee… chili, fried… goreng, have egg… ok lah”.

Haha… the reply from him does not give me any clue on the food. He acted so humble and secretive. This increases my level of curiousity of the Mee Goreng Sejuk. My mind has popped up an image of a bowl of shaved ice with the mee goreng floating inside, somewhat like a bowl of iced-cendol.

I ordered a plate just to break the mystery of it and a glass of iced coffee, and hope the “sejuk” will lower down the hot temperture in the afternoon. After waited for approximately 10 minutes or so, the Mee Goreng Sejuk is served and the answer finally revealed.

Simple and unique, and simply the typical Nyonya way of cooking. It is a plate of the yellow mee that have cooked in the boiling water and mixed it with the chili paste (or you can called it chili sauce) specially prepared by the chef. And I believe the chili paste is Nyonya traditional recipe that inherit from many generation. This mee is served just that with shreded cucumber salad, a piece of lime to be squeeze on top of the noodle, and a fried egg.

Mee Goreng Sejuk Zoom In
Take a Closer Look

The chili paste is tasted a bit sour of the tangirine lime dressing. the cucumber salad will give you the crunchy and crispy texture mix with the soft noodle that have cooked just to the perfect timing. And I have to mention that I believe the chef have specially choosen the supplier to supply them for the yellow mee, this yellow mee is so nice and soft. The fried egg, or we called it the mata-kerbau (sunny side up) are to perfect with the crispy burnt edge. It is all well-blended in taste.

Well Balanced, Light Meal.
Well Balanced, Light Meal.

It’s look very plain and simple, but yet the taste is very delicious and mouth waterring. This Mee Goreng Sejuk is like the combination of the appetizer cum complete main course meal. It has the well balanced of the food pyramid and yet the sour taste from the lime in the chili paste are boosted up your appetite. It’s also consider as a light meal for the people that do not want a heavy meal, and it is good to eat as breakfast and supper too.

Everything gone in 5 minute
Everything gone in 5 minute

After all, the Mee Goreng Sejuk is just a call name and it is not what I have imagined.
If you are around the corner, please do give it a try for the Mee Goreng Sejuk.


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